About Noor Jouels

This is Noor Jouels 

A timeless design aesthetic and refined craftsmanship have always been at the core of Noor Jouels. Our brand jewellery gets inspiration from the highest fashion and lifestyle. The house’s unrelenting desire to create objects of rare beauty has established its distinct, extravagant style, and has set it far apart from the rest of its competitors. At Noor Jouels, only perfection matters. 


The mission we are striving for is to make the finest jewelleries available for everybody. Quality, affordability, elegance and unique designs are what we aspire to achieve. 

Quality and Options

Our jewels shine with maximum brilliance. We offers unprecedented elegance with assured colour D to F and clarity VVS1 to VS2. The House’s unique jewels are available in a variety of cuts and styles, from cushion-cut, to emerald-cut, to oval and pear-shaped.

Why Choose Lab Simulated Diamonds? 

Lab simulated diamonds are more ethical and more affordable than anything we will get out of the earth. These diamond simulate possesses the most realistic, natural looking brilliance you will ever see from a diamond alternative. Brides and grooms who try to reduce their carbon footprint without losing their diamond look or feel may be particularly attracted to simulated diamonds produced by the laboratory. They are priced at up to 98% less than earth mined diamonds. So shop with Noor Jouels and get the most elegant jewelry sets at the most affordable price. 

Why Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds? 

Lab-grown diamonds offer several advantages over natural diamonds that make them an attractive option for consumers. One major advantage is cost, as lab-grown diamonds are typically less expensive than natural diamonds, sometimes up to 70% less. Additionally, ethical concerns regarding the environmental impact and human rights issues associated with mining natural diamonds can be addressed through the purchase of lab-grown diamonds, which are created in a controlled environment with less risk of harm or exploitation. Quality is another advantage, as lab-grown diamonds are virtually identical to natural diamonds in terms of their physical and chemical properties and are certified by the same organizations.